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How do I get my LINF-data from qispos?

Please go in qispos to booking of grades and there to the exam. Then you activate excel-export or csv-export. The file contains the additional fields for LINF. These additional fields will be ignored when you reimport data.


I can not find a student who is registerd.

If the student has registerd at the examination office it should be possible that you will find him/her in T01.

  1. Please go to “Edit Examination Organisation entry”. Choose T01 for the specific exam. Please contact us If you can not find T01.
  2. Edit the T01, change the proposition to J for yes and save it.
  3. Now, go to “Booking of grades” --> actual term T01--> specific exam. There you should find the student. To move the registration to the other registrations  please enter the correct date of examination and enter in “grade” TBE. Save it. Now the student should be in the corresponding target date.
  4. At the end go to “Edit Examination Organisation entry”, change for T01 the proposition to N for no and save it.


How can I get a list with grades of all students of the exam?

In “Note opinion of failed exams and second attempts” you can only see the failed exams and second attempts. For a list with all grades please go to “Booking of grades”. In „List of participants“ you will find all students of the exam with the corresponding grades. This list is only for your own records. 


Change examination date

Go to “Booking of grades” and choose specific exam and target date. To change the registration date please enter the correct date of examination and enter in “grade” TBE or a grade. Save it. Now the student should be in the corresponding target date.  


Student get an error message: Voraussetzungsfehler. We do not have any requirements/ The requirement is already updated.

This error message will be displayed if:

  • The student wants to register the module in a category which is already passed. In this case the student has to register the module as an elective or additional module at the examination office.
  • The requirement is updated in a wrong category. The student has to go to the examination office to change it.  



What does the "q" in the qispos column in “Examination Organisation entry” mean?

q: Module is visible in QISPOS and can be registered by students

No q: Students cannot register online: Registration can be made by the chair.



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